Article Writing Tips To Make Sure You Get Read

Articles are everywhere on the internet today. You find them in blogs, article directories, web pages, ezines, and so on. There is a skill to doing this the right way however. If you have an internet business you are trying to promote you can use article writing to promote your website and blog. In this article we want to look at a few tips you can follow to make sure the article you are writing is actually getting read. Otherwise what is the point of even writing it! 1.

When you can write about your real life experiences. There is a good chance your blog or website is about theme that you kwow something about. Take that knowledge and put it online in the form of an article. It will be more interesting because you write from a position of experience and not from a position of theory. 2. Keep your paragraphs short.

When you are writing something that will end up online 2-3 sentences is plenty long. Shorter paragraphs and even shorter sentences stand a better chance of actually being read and not just skimmed. 3. Use sub-headings when you can. This helps organize your article and makes it easy for your reader to know what each section of the article is about.

For fun look at a few articles in directories like and you will quickly see how using a sub-heading can really help and article get read. 4. Make use of bullets, or numbers. This is a great way to write as it helps you stay organized and on theme as well as well as makes it easy for your reader to follow what you are trying to say. 5.

Write a catchy title. This is so important online when you are competing with thousands of other articles. Create a swipe file and put catchy titles you come across in it and then go back and re-work those. Doing this will always give you plenty of titles to work from. 6.

Keep your article interesting by incorporating facts and figures. This creates an air of authority and makes the rest of what you write more believable. Never try and fill space when you are writing. Being interesting is more important than being long. Even short articles can get their point across.

This is 6 article writing tips to help you make sure your article gets read. Marketing a business online with articles is easy because you have a never ending supply of things to write about.

Jake Kennedy cautions you to be careful before you join any home business. At first it is a good idea to learn more about the internet marketing resources and tools available before you start a home based business of your own. To learn more please visit his websites.

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