Affiliate Programs and Affliate Marketing

Making money online is everybody's dream, but there are few people who actually realise this dream. Learn about afifliate programs, affiliate marketing, and who to trust in cyberspace.

Affiliate Programs - Getting Started

What is an affiliate program? An arrangement between a company and a website owner or individual who would like to promote that company's products. The person promoting the projects is the affiliate, and the company with the products is the merchant. The merchant (company) pays a percentage of any sales resulting from any click through (via banner or text link) to their web site from an affiliate partner's website. Many webmasters and internet gurus are doing very well with only a handful of affiliate programs.

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How to Select a Profitable Affiliate Program to Promote 

Not to long ago internet marketing experts coined the words, "content is king." Basically, this is the foundation of internet marketing, whereas articles and content were the primary tool to promote an online business' services or products.

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Top Affiliate Programs

Affiliate Marketing Tips

What Is An Affiliate Program? Affiliate programs (also known as associate programs), are online arrangements whereby a merchant website pays you (the affiliate) a commission for sending traffic (customers) to them. In essence you are promoting whatever product(s) that merchant is selling. The beauty of this system is that it does not involve: stocking merchandise; shipping and handling; processing credit cards or any kind of customer support. And an added bonus is that you don't even need a website for this type of internet marketing.

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