Avoid the scams! - Make Affiliate marketing pay for you  

by Helen Rush

Making money online is everybodies dream, but there are few people who actually realise this dream. Truth is, there is very little free information out there to tell you which affiliate programmes to join, what paid email site are legitimate or which persons "system" is worth paying $100 for. It is hard to know who to trust in cyberspace.

You can expect to pay between $14-$100 for an ebook that claims to give you the secrets of money making online. Think about it. If the people selling the ebook were earning so much already, why are they selling it to you? Wouldn't they keep the secret to themselves? Most of these sites show you examples of earnings, that more often than not seem to come from the sales of the money making ebook rather than affiliate credits.

Here's how to avoid the get rich quick scams and make money for affilate programmes:

1) If it sounds too good to be true it is! - It is highly unlikely that you will make $1,000,000 in a week by doing nothing.

2) Set up a website with good content that is updated regularly - this will improve your search ranking

3) Concentrate on one or two affiliate programmes - If you are promoting hundreds, then your site will look like one giant advert and will turn your visitors off.

4) Set up a newsletter - These are invaluable as it gives you a way of communicating with your visitors.

5) Work, work, work - Adding a single link to a webpage and leaving it there for a week isn't going to give you any sales. Promote your website wherever you can!

6) Choose to promote a company that is right for you. - If you are promoting a product that is tailored to your interests or that you actually believe in, it is a lot easier to sell it in a convincing way. If you can link making money online to a hobby of yours, then you will not only be more successful, but you will enjoy it too.

I hope that this will be helpful to you. Remember - DON'T give out your credit card details unless you know who you are dealing with. If you watch out for the scams and put a little effort in, then the internet will really start to work for you.

About the Author

Helen Rush is the webmaster of Donotignorethis a website offering free advice on making the most out of affiliate marketing.

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