Bulgarian Real Estate Market is Ripe for the Picking

Little more needs to be said about the Bulgarian real estate market than "perfect" for buyers. Current prices on Bulgarian real estate have awakened a new crop of investors lining up to take advantage of current market trends. Low prices combined with a very low cost of living have made the Bulgarian property market a sea of investment dreams. Out of country investors are wasting little time in snapping up properties that can show capital gains once the market turns around. With three bedroom-detached homes with a sea view listing for a mere 100,000 Euro it is no surprise these homes are flooding the market.

With this in mind, people from all over the world are purchasing these properties either as private homes or for development and rental purposes. Recent changes in the constitution rule that people from foreign countries can own buildings in Bulgaria but not land. There is a way to thwart this rule by setting up a company in the country that will own the land while you own the building or buildings that comprise the property. The political and economic situations have undergone recent overhauls.

The climate has become stable, which is very good for Bulgarian real estate investors, as the former communist country seeks entrance the European Union. This is expected to occur in 2007 as the country continues to experience positive economic growth with the stabilizing political situation. As with all real estate markets, the Bulgarian real estate market can change at any time. This speaks to the speed in which investors and private home seekers should use when looking for properties.

The time may come when a sellers market rules and demand far exceeds supply which will drive prices to the highest extreme. Check with local property agents for the latest listings of homes and properties throughout Bulgaria.

Surrinder Ahitan's website Bulgarian Property Advice provides detailed information and advice on the most lucrative areas to invest in Bulgaria. You will learn how to get around, get a flavor of the language, history, culture and more.

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