Multi Level Marketing MLM Heres What You Need To Know

Multi Level Marketing has been around since the 1950's. It's as old as the hills and just as crumby! If you are looking for a way to make money from a home based business and you're considering an Multi Level Marketing MLM opportunity, please read this report and I hope that my words will dhow you the big picture of what Multi Level Marketing MLM is all about. Multi Level Marketing offers everything from water softeners to vitamins and anything else that can't sell in retail stores.

Think about this, if the product had true value wouldn't it be on the shelf at a retail super store? If you had the patent and copyright on a great useable product would you sell it through major store chains or go to the effort of selling it door to door and cold selling? Of course you would sign the contract to put the product in stores. It's been my experience that MLM doesn't offer products that are worth continuing to pay a monthly fee. The lack of real products is just the tip of the ice burg.

Multi Level Marketing opportunities seem to be as far behind the times when it comes to marketing as they are when it comes to their products. Your upline will suggest that you purchase leads and spend all day cold calling, passing out flyers, attend conferences in various cities and other low response and low success rate tactics. The primary tactic they teach members is "The 3 Foot Rule". I absolutely hate the concept of this particular rule.

The 3 foot rule means that everyone who you come in contact within 3 feet of, you must pitch your business to them. I can not phantom hanging out with my friends and constantly pitching them on some vitamin or magic juice. Those who do this technique find that their friends develop a 10 feet rule.

I other words they say "stay 10 feet away from that guy!" I have been earning money from home for 8 years. And never once have I used the 3 feet rule. When I'm out and about it's my time. If I had to tell everybody about my business it would seem like over time to me. The Multi Level Marketing payment structures are created to make those at the top and the owner of the MLM rich. All the payment plans are matrices which usually are binary payment plans.

Plenty of legs but little profit! Another bad thing about Multi Level Marketing payment plans id that they require monthly payments. Believe me or ignore this it's up to you, but monthly fees guarantee dropouts. I'll wrap this report up by saying this; If you want to spend years pouring your time and money into a business which offers very small payouts in hopes of future profit, then Multi Level Marketing is for you!.

If you're fed up with the MLM more lost money schemes, there's no need to continue with the mlm trap. Check out this MLM alternative Another Tip HERE

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