Sell Your Ebook Through Articles

You can make money online by marketing information products like e-books and more. By this point, you will have researched a topic online, using keywords to narrow your field. Now the writing is complete and the website is online, you need to drive traffic to the website selling your e-book. So how can you get more traffic to your website, allowing you to sell your e-book? By writing articles! You have researched keyword phrases and used them to write your e-book. Use those same keyword phrases to write articles, which will add more backward links to your e-book website. At the end of each article, add a link that leads people to your website.

You may also want to add a brief note about yourself, the author, and offer them something of value for visiting your site. This "ethical bribe" can be information, a newsletter, or something else that will attract attention. Let's say your article offers tips on saving money. At the end of your article, add a couple of sentences that encourage visitors to your site.

For example, "Stephen Beck has written extensively on ways to enjoy a lavish wedding on a minimal budget. Visit his website to get your free report on Saving Money While Still Having a Great Wedding. Click here for your free copy." When they click on that link to get your free report, they're will be whisked away to your e-book page. When they get to your e-book web page, there will be a pop-up for their name and email so you can send them your free report. Meanwhile they're already at your page and they're reading about your e-book and all the things it can do for them.

After you write the article, use it for massive e-book promotion. Send it to all the article directories, all the e-zine directories on the Internet. Webmasters love free articles, and rarely have the time to write their own.

They don't care that your articles direct the reader to your own website; they only care about content. As you write and submit articles, you develop a reputation as an authority. This increases your name recognition. At the same time, the backward links increase your rankings in the search engines while driving more traffic to your website. This is a great way to use articles to sell your e-book.

Stephen Beck shows you how to write and publish an e-book and develop a "cash on demand" business business. Massive ebook promotion has never been so simple when you view Steve's video.

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