Ways to Register a Million Dollar Website Domain Name

Domain name prices costs the same whether if you have a good domain or a bad domain. What is considered a good domain name? Here are some tips to help you register your million dollar website name. 1. Use your product / service keywords into your domain name - using a keyword in your domain name allows internet visitors to know what your website offers. For instance, if you are using selling jewelry then you can add in this keyword to your website domain name, such as 1SpecialJewelry.

com 2. Avoid using dashes in your domain name - have you seen the domain names like ? Not only is this domain name hard to say out, your visitors might easily forget this domain name and misspelt the website name, causing them to end up in your competitors website of 3. Use simple words and spelling - avoid using "big" words that visitors might not even know how to pronounce and you should always spell check the keyword before you register this - there's nothing worse that using a keyword that you cannot even spell properly (and result in you misspelling your own website name) 4. Choose international domain names (top level TLD) - rather than just registering your com.

my for local Malaysia market or for the Hong Kong market, grab the .com name as this name is easier to remember. - what if your competitors own the .com and you only registered the .com.

sg version? Then, it's advisable to register another domain name where you can grab both the .com and the (or else clients who did not type the .sg will end up going to your competitors' site) 5. Register both the singular and plural versions - if your keywords have singular and plural versions, it will be better to register both versions of the domains, such as flower.

com and - this mistake can even be seen in the cases of some popular websites like (one of the most popular online diet website). If you used the singular term for the word diet, you will end up at ediet.

com and guess who owns this? (not 6. Register your company / brand name - if you manage a widely known brand name of products then you should grab the name of this product itself. For example, you own a chain of family owned restaurants called Aunt May, therefore you should register, and auntmayrestaurants.

com Wait no more and go to online domain registration companies to check for your available domain names today, such as Copyright (c) 2008 Fione Tan.

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