What is Network Marketing

Every day, millions of people click online for a variety of reasons. From researching information to finding a date, the internet seems to offer just about everything. Work and employment has by no means taken the back burner. Thousands of people are clamoring to the internet everyday in an attempt to earn a daily income, make some money, or get financially free. And it is being proven time and time again that "there is money to be made on the internet". From research projects, to software engineering, the younger and eager generation is presented with a boundless array of opportunities to show off their intellectual properties.

Certainly, there is no shortage of work or possibilities online since cyberspace is "virtually" limitless. But what about investments, network marketing and the vast array of "get rich quick" schemes? Do they really work? Can you really trade in your measly $20.00 for a comfortable paycheck of $2000.00 to $5000.

00 per month? The answer is "yes and no". Let's take a brief moment to examine network marketing. As a network marketer, you are selling something that you already own--a membership to a website in most cases. Let's say you pay $19.

95 to become a member of company "Make You a Star Dot Com". Your $19.95 will be payment for the product (usually information, training and marketing tools). On top of that, you have the potential of making money by "referring others" to the company "Make You a Star Dot Com". When they join by clicking on your affiliate link, they are placed in your "downline" and you earn a fraction of their membership fee.

as well as the membership fee of the people they sponsor--up to five levels deep. Many people are of the misconception that the membership fee of $19.95 is paid for an income opportunity alone. And that they need to sit back and wait for the checks to start coming in. Of course, it wouldn't be off the mark to say that these people were deceived into thinking so.

Many network marketers do not place emphasis on the value of the product they are selling in their advertising campaigns, or what the product really is or offers. All they tout is the potential to make money just by joining. This is an impractical proposition--if everyone pays 19.

95 to receive $5000.00, where does the money come from? A typical network marketing company may offer a cutting edge training center prepared by experts aimed at making an entrepreneur out of you. It will give you all the tools, advice and information you need to run a successful business, online or off. It may include sections for example on "setting up a legal entity", "bookkeeping and accounting", "ecommerce and merchant tools", "self improvement", "real estate" etc.

And that's just the tip of the iceberg. If you join a network marketing company, by all means, make use of what you are paying for. Go into the training center, or resources section, or back office, or whatever you call it, and max it out.get your money's worth. The "two thousand to five thousand dollars per month" will come on the side! In order to become a successful network marketer and earn a six figure income in the least amount of time, any "Guru" will tell you that you need to understand how to use an autoresponder programmed with a newsletter, ezine or follow up emails. It is an established fact that people tend not to buy into a program on the first pitch.

So if you're thinking of investing your precious time into this lucrative field of business, think "autoresponder, follow up messages, and subscribers". At first, learning how to use such tools might seem like a daunting task, but like most computer technology, once you get to know it, it becomes pretty simple and transparent. A typical network marketing company will also provide training, tools and resources on how to recruit others into the company. These may include autoresponder training, Google tutorials, web design and various other advertising strategies. However, to avoid the mass of confusion and possible wastage of money associated with first starting off in network marketing, it is best to join under a successful network marketer who will show you exactly how to copy his/her success in a no-nonsense, simple and step by step process.

Patrick Carpen is the designer, writer and owner of the website He is an internet entrepreneur who helps the average user better understand the workings of internet in addition to providing high quality content on selected topics. This website was created to help prospective network marketers better understand the pros and cons of the industry.

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