Telemainia Testimonial

Telemainia Testimonials

Telemainia has been nothing but a blessing in finding a way to keep a roof over my families head. I ran across and ad and took a chance, with no regrets. Like anyone with a company, sight unseen, I took my chance on could it be a scam, will I ever see a paycheck. I started on a Thursday and reading the matter I had to make a minimum of 25 dollars for a pay.

My mind was blown away that weekend I got a check in the mail. Hell, most companies you got to wait 2 to 4 weeks for a paycheck or direct deposit, and this was instantly. I have worked with the IRS, medical insurance companies, law offices and corporate real estate firms and I have never dealt with a company as professional on addressing issues, solving problems and giving to their affiliates.

Now almost I year in looking for work and being over-qualified for almost everything, I have set forth my career focus to grow here. Thanks are not enough.

I would highly recommend this company to anyone that is looking for a stay-at-home job.

The great part about this job is Telemainia offers training sessions often. And another thing that is great is that their support is awesome. Many other companies that offer this type of work don't respond fast to emails or phone calls.

When I call this company they respond very fast and I even have the Phone Actress Manageresses cell phone number so I can text her when I need help.

We are like a family at this company and I'm loving it. Thank you Telemainia for being there for me when I needed to start my new career.

Rita MTL

OBTW - I think I'll just slip into something comfortable, pour a coffee, put my feet up on the sofa and go to work. Teheee?..lovn' it?.!

Telemainia Testimonials

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